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By Dr Sameer Dagar


  1. Focus on Happiness and not on what others are doing.
  2. Accept the situation –Do not bother about situations .Accept it
  3. Make yourself happy not others
  4. Think positive .
  5. Count 1,2 ,3 ,4 an control your breathing .
  6. Smile and smile a lot .Fake it until you make it
  7. Express your gratitude to others -Parents, friends bothers and sisters
  8. Set the deadlines –On daily basis ,put all the efforts to achieve the targets .
  9. Be organised .
  • Make a habit of forgiveness.
  • Do not expect anything from others
  • Have dreams but live for today .
  • Spend your time with people whom you like .Choose good people with good morals
  • Learn from mistakes of others
  • Do not be extravagant.
  • Take out time for hobby. Have a constructive hobby.
  • Atleast spend 10 minutes enjoying enjoying yourself with nature .



  1. Do not be judgemental to others
  2. Do not be perfectionist
  3. Do not have a guilt for anything .
  4. Do not be quarrelsome .Avoid quarrelsome people .
  5. Do not bother for tomorrow ,work and enjoy today and live in present.
  6. Do not postpone things .
  7. Do not compare yourself with others .See your own growth.

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