Col Dagar KC Academy



The job of an officer in the Armed forces (Army, Navy and Airforce) is the most challenging which requires leading the men in battle successfully; handling the natural calamities and civil strifes effectively. One has to be a winner at all costs, because there is no trophy for runners up! This type of job is not every one’s cup of tea. Selection of a wrong man can change the outcome of an operation in a very adverse manner. Therefore ; the SSB’s are following selection methods which are purely based on human psychology. A large number of candidates apply for the commission in the armed forces. But because of the high qualitative requirements by the armed forces and limited vacancies, a very few lucky, succeed in fulfilling their cherished dream of becoming an officer in the Armed forces. Preparing for the SSB interviews is quite different from other competitions and interviews. So; you need proper counseling and guidance and standardized training from the well qualified staff that can help you to draw out best in your mind, body and spirit and make you fit so that you can make the grade at SSB. The SSB procedures have changed considerally over a period of time. Those candidates who are not aware of the latest techniques and procedures are put on a disadvantage and face many problems during the assessment at the SSB.

Col Dagar’s KC Academy was established in 2003 as a specialized institution to train young aspirants thriving to be officers in the defence services. This is the only academy in the country which is run by a psychologist having more than forty years experience of the selection and teaching. The other members of the faculty have also worked in SSB in various capacities and therefore everyone is abreast with the latest techniques of selection procedures. The complete training is imparted through use of ‘State of Art’ technology and modern techniques of teaching. The teaching-learning process at the academy aims at maintaining a high quality and effective learning in a natural environment. The academy has already made a name for itself among the leading institutions of its kind.