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NDA Coaching For Your Bright Future

NDA Coaching For Your Bright Future

When you think of the earliest opportunity to join the Indian Armed Forces, it is the National Defense Academy or the NDA which provides the opportunity to join the forces after passing out of the Class 12 examination. The candidates are required to appear in a written test and on clearing this exam, the successful candidates are called for the interview, popularly called the SSB interview, which is a two step process. Medical tests are also conducted as the last leg of the selection process. NDA coaching centres all over the country prepare the candidates for clearing this exam and the interview. However, the candidates do need to clear the mandatory class 12 exam since this is a key eligibility requirement.

NDA coaching prepares the candidates for this exam which is a joint entrance exam for the three wings of the Indian Armed Forces: the Air Force, the Navy and the Military. It shall be understood that the NDA is an academy which trains the cadets uniformly for all these wings and on passing out from the Academy, the cadets are sent to the pre-commissioning training to their respective service academies.

NDA coaching for the written exam is provided in two subject areas: General Ability and Mathematics. The paper of mathematics is of 300 marks and covers topics of class 11 and 12 mathematics. It shall be noted that the candidates who have taken mathematics in the class 11 and 12 are better equipped to prepare for the mathematics exam. The other exam is of General Ability which is worth 600 marks. Together these two exams are of 900 marks. The topics covered in the General Ability exam are physics, chemistry, biology, economics, geography, history, current affairs, etc. Since the General Ability exam is of 600 marks, it has greater weight than the other.

Those NDA coaching canters which provide total preparations for SSB interview as well, prepare the candidates in other aspects as well. These other aspects include the basic perception tests of verbal and nonverbal reasoning, the Psychological Projective Personality Word Associations test (WAT), Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Situation Reacting Test (SRT), Group testing indoor test such as group discussions, group planning exercises, individual/group obstacle race and others. The third stage of the interview stage is that of the personal interview. After clearing all these stages of the selection process, the candidates are required to appear for the medical tests. The medical tests have their own criteria of selection which you need to pass. It shall be noted that a candidate needs to pass all the test stages before being selected.

NDA coaching provided by the centres coincides with the examination pattern of Union Public Service commission which holds it twice a year. The aim of the NDA is to make the candidates suitable for the pre-commission training of the respective services. Emphasis is laid on developing officer-like qualities in the cadets including character building, team-work, and leadership, mental and physical toughness.


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