Col Dagar KC Academy



Colonel (retd.) J.K.Dagar he is like a true mentor for me. It is sincerity and a never-say- die attitude which I picked up from him during my time at the Colonel Dagar KC Academy. No doubt, this spirited me up to perform well during my SSB interview and made me cut the grade there.

Aditya Sinha

Colonel Dagar KC Academy is the best place in the country to enroll in for preparing properly for the SSB interviews. The two weeks which I spent here are etched in my mind forever. This duration is the driving force which helped me clear the SSB interview which was my dream since childhood.

Tarun Mansukhani

My mission of becoming an officer in the Indian Navy is finally coming true! And all this is largely due to the lessons and practice sessions which I underwent at the Col (retd.) Dagar KC Academy. The tough drill they put us through over there really pumped me up to crack the exam.

Amit Ahuja

Kudos to the Col (retd.) Dagar KC Academy! Really, it is the preparation that the teachers here imparted to us that made me fully geared up for the psychological tests for entry into the Indian Armed Forces. I can really say that it is the core issues and basic information given to us here that made me well prepared for the tests.

Ronak Bedi

Hats off to the Col. (retd.) Dagar KC Academy. The staff here is very motivating and encouraging for all the students. They inspired me to excel in my exam and I can honestly say that I came through with flying colours only truly because of them. I will forever be indebted to them for prepping me so well for the psychological tests section of the SSB exam.

Prashant Pahuja